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I wish to convey my sincere regards to the entire Kigali Parents’ School community, and extend my heartfelt gratitude to website visitors. About our nursery section, Kigali Parents’ School offers high quality pre-primary education. This is attributable to the quality of teaching and care provided to the young learners. Our Nursery section is comprised of three main classes. Baby class, Middle class and Top class. Baby Class is for the first time school learners of three to four years. Each of these classes is sub divided into six streams. Each stream has a well qualified teacher and one Assistant teacher who are well trained in early childhood Development.

Welcome to Your Kindergarten

We are passionate about providing high-quality early childhood education for children aged from 3 to 6 years. Kigali Parents’ School emphasizes on wholesomeness of a person, we train the head, heart and hands. We develop all the three major parts of an individual. This enables us to identify talent, tap and develop it early. Our pupils are outstanding in Music Dance and Drama, Sports and other activities.

What makes our Kindergarten the best in Rwanda?

Our Kindergarten provides a conducive atmosphere for children to develop a personal relationship with their creator, play, socialize, have fun and learn. We have a homely and friendly environment that many children do not find anywhere else. Our staff is qualified and dedicated and has passion for work. Our care for children is outstanding. We welcome, hug, feed, bath, carry, clean and listen to the children.


WITH EFFECT FROM 14TH/01/2019, We started conducting all lessons in our Nursery section in French.English shall be taught along other subjects till the complete primary one. We hope that, by doing so we shall be able to produce children at the end of the primary section who are able to write and communicate in English, French and Kinyrwanda perfectly. If you have any queries about our provision and approach, or if you would like to make an appointment to have a look around our school please, call to make an appointment with me. +250 0788 595 403

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7:00-7:20 AM
Arrival Time
7:20 -8:00 AM
Morning Work
8:00-9:30 AM
First Morning Session
9:30-10:30 AM
Break Time
10:30 12:30
Second Morning Session
12:30 PM
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